Rental Service of Elysian Gangchon offers the latest equipment

Just come and enjoy the winter, don`t need to bring the heavy equipment.

Ski House

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Ski Rental office
(+82) 033-260-2872
  • We have 1000 new ELAN Carving Skis, 300 new HEAD Skis, and 700 ROSSIGNOL Carving Skis.
  • Boots are always kept dry and sterilized using four ozone sterilizer-dryers (240 pairs can be treated at once).
  • Plates, boots and poles are available for your convenience.
Board rental office
(+82) 033-260-2872
  • We have 800 new NITRO decks.
  • It is easy to fasten or loosen boot laces as the latest quick lace system is applied to the boots.
  • Boots are always kept dry and sterilized using four ozone sterilizer-dryers (240 pairs can be treated at once).
Skiwear office
(+82) 033-260-2876
  • We have 500 premium ski suits.
  • The dressing room is easily accessible and is conveniently located on the right side of the skiwear rental office.
  • A total of 500 ski suits are dried at the same time in a separate room where skiwear sterilization and drying are operated. We also store all the ski suits under sanitary conditions. An ultraviolet ozone sterilizer is installed in the room to sterilize the insides of the suits.
Ski repair office
(+82) 033-260-2874
  • We provide repair services for the floors and side edges of equipment as well as waxing services using the SNB80 repair machine and WAXZET90 waxing machine manufactured by WINTERSTEIGER.
  • The Ultra CAM boots expander is used to contour ski boots. (This service is not available for board boots.)
  • Other various services such as attaching bindings, reducing pole lengths, and repairing the equipment floor are provided for your convenience.
Skiwear Sterilizing and Drying Room
(+82) 033-260-2872
  • It is a facility to thoroughly sterilize various forms of harmful bacteria which may be left behind in rented ski suits. The ski suits are thoroughly cleaned using the high temperature drying and ultraviolet ozone sterilizing machine.
    • - The ozone sterilizer has a direct sterilizing effect that destroys the inside of the cell membrane of pathogens. Guests can rest assured that these pathogens do not regrow does in the passage of time.
    • - The machine sterilizes waterborne pathogens.(Cholera, typhoid, dysentery, Ebola virus, etc.)
    • - The sterilization process also removes various fungi and odors.